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Prefab Housings

Materials Used MS,GI
Built Type Prefab
Roof Type PUF Insulated
Thickness 10-20 mm
Height Up to 40 feet
Other Specifications

At RNC, we are always interested in making all sorts of modular houses and prefab housing is one of the best ones among them. These are special dwelling types of prefabricated building which we manufacture off-site in advance. The houses are usually constructed in standard sections which have been easily shipped and assembled. The current prefab designs with which we deal here at RNC are postmodernism and futurist architecture.

Features of Prefab Housing

Prefab housing is one of the smartest concepts of all time when it comes to building smart houses. Some of the best attributes of this technology are mentioned below.

Modernized Finish:

Prefab housing is all about building homes which have high-tech and modernized finish.  Astounding attributes and smart technology,all the prefab housing that we’ve built in the Ahmedabad city.

Unique Concept:

The prefab housing concept with which we deal smartly at RNC is simply amazing. We build into steel beams and are then transported into complete sections at the working site.


The prefab housing system which we build at RNC is completely portable. Hence, it can be easy for you to commute from one place to another with a prefab housing facility.

Excellent Design:

At RNC, all the prefab housing ventures that we possess have a striking design. The thrilling features that our prefab housing has are all outstanding. So, if you hire your prefab housing from us, you will be happy and surprised with the quality that we provide.

Accurate Dimensions:

RNC is a proud supplier of all sorts of smart prefab housing which are the perfect ones with right dimensions. So, if you want to avail the best of prefab housing facility, contact us. We understand that providing you with the right.

Robust Construction:

AT RNC, we always assure that all sorts of modern facilities that we build are stout enough to serve a long life. And it’s the same with prefab housing. All the facilities that we have constructed since our inception have been strong enough to even serve generations altogether.

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