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Sewage Treatment Plants

Water Source Type Industrial Effluent
Treatment Technique Mixed Bed Bio Reactor
Installation Type Prefabricated
Brand RNC
Material MS
Surface Treatment Paint Coated

A sewage treatment plant can be the best approach for any city to treat all the garbage just like the way a septic tank does. The only part where it differs is the involvement of mechanical components through which solids can be broken down to produce cleaner and more environment-friendly effluent.

We believe in doing only the best of that. Hence, we assure that our way of working is also standard and unique. After combining sewage from different sources, they are fed into the primary settlement tank followed by a surface aerator and at last the final settling chamber.

We, at RNC India, offer multiple sewage treatment plants starting from conventional ones to innovative types. Also, the onsite treatment plan that we provide in Ahmedabad is outstanding.

Other Specifications

A Swachhta Status Report released in 2016 by the National Sample Survey (NSS) states that over half of rural and semi-urban India chooses to defecate in the open. In a country where sanitation underlines health. education and life, these numbers area serious concern.

Poor sanitation is not only a sign of poverty, but is also one of the key reasons for it. Lack of proper sewage treatment leads to contaminated water and soil which further contaminates the food chain. Eventually, it creates a rippling effect of ill health which impacts productivity and the economy of our nation.

In the past, conventional solutions such as Dry Pit and Twin Pit Toilets, Septic Tanks, Soak Pits and Eco-San Toilets have proven to be inefficient, heavy on the pocket and have caused more damage to the environment than good. In fact none of these solutions actually treat the human waste. Instead, they act as storage reservoirs for disposal are later stage or rely on Mother Earth to absorb the effluents, thus leading to more contamination. To battle the challenge, Defence Research & Development Organisation (5050), Ministry of Defence. Government of India, spent decades researching coo-friendly waste management techniques. They developed and deployed the Anaerobic Bio-digestion Technology for sewage treatment in toilets at Siachen Glacier for our defense personnel. After a successful run of more than 8 years. the Elio-Digester technology is now being used widely across the country. 

Bio-Digester Technology: 

Psychrotrophic bacteria have the natural capability to survive on waste. Anaerobic Bio-digestion Technology uses these bacteria to break down the waste matter into usable water and gas through an anaerobic process. The zero-waste process is not limited by place or temperature (it works from 5°C to 50 °C), and does not need sewerage networks or sewage treatment plants (SIPS). It is an on-site, independent system and does not require any major infrastructure. 

The revolutionary on-sltetechnology consists of two parts: The bacterial formulation known as Anaerobic Microbial Inoculurn (AMI or DRDO BacMria) A specially designed tank called the Bio-Digester Tank (BDT)

The BDT is connected Jo the outlet of the toilet and can be installed either above or below the ground. The sewage matter flows into the BDT from the toilet and the AMI treats it (digests it) into an effluent that is safe to discharge The human waste matter is broken down into water, carbon dioxide and methane (biogas). 

Bio-Digester Tanks:

To change the sanitation scenario in India over the long-terrn, a systemic value-chain approach is needed. With this vision in mind, K. K. Nag has joined hands with DIRDO to introduce sustainable measures such as the maintenance-free 310-Digester Tank. These can be installed across environments. are customizable and cost-effective. They even use less water, which further strengthens their eco-friendly features and encourages adoption on a wide scale. 

Features of Sewage Treatment

Treating garbage from all around the city is the main objective of any standard sanitation plant. And RNC is one of those efficient ones. With effective sanitation approaches and skilled professionals working on complicated treatment procedures, we strive to do only the best. The significant features of RNC sewage treatment which let it stand out are mentioned below :

Low Energy Consumption:

When it comes to energy efficient equipment, we believe in going for low power consumption only. All of our packaged systems have really smaller power requirement than conventional systems. Low Energy Consumption is somewhat to look for in RNC.

Remote Monitoring and Operations:

Remote monitoring and operating are one of the major features of the sewage system. It ensures optimal results for regulatory compliance and reduces unwanted service costs. Further,our expert trainers can control operations of the plant remotely

Compact Solutions:

We, at RNC, believe that the requests that our customers make are our priority. Hence, if you want to go for sewage treatment and choose us, we can provide containerized solutions upon request. It will help you go for a safe and secured sewage treatment.

Sludge Dewatering:

All the sludge produced in the plant is dewatered and pressed to dry solids of approximately 15% or even higher. In this aspect of sewage treatment, dried sludge is collected in the buffer tank which is thereafter extracted by an auger.

No Odour Emission:

One of the major and amazing features of the sewage treatment system is the fact that there is no obnoxious odour emitted when the treatment goes on. It makes the ambience of the plan healthy and environment-friendly.

Membrane Bioreactor Efficiency:

This is one of the significant features of the RNC sewage system. This process eliminates suspended solids and micro-organisms both while resulting in a premium quality of effluent.

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