Water ATM Machine

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Water ATM Machine

Brand RNC
Display Type Digital
Recovery 30 - 40%
Water Storage Capacity 90 Litres
Purification Capacity 200 Litres per hour
Purification Stages 5 micron PP, Granular Activated Carbon, Block Carbon, RO, Post Activated Carbon, Ozonation
Dimensions 1750 mm X 750 mm X 600 mm

If you think of an automated water vending machine which can dispense pure drinking water, a water ATM machine should be the best one. You make our ATM machine in such an innovative way that it can be installed in both urban and rural localities where people don’t have access to pure water. The reason why it is known as a water ATM machine is that it works just like a regular bank ATM. The one and only difference lie in the fact that it supplies money instead of water. It could be one of the smartest systems that we have.


  • There is a visible TDS Reduction by 99. 5 % Bacteria, Virus Reduction by 99.99%.
  • It works for Tap and Groundwater both ( TDS & < 2000)
  • It consists of Filmtech RO Inside elements.
  • It features both coin and Smart Card Operation.

Additional Features:

  • It follows a comprehensive process of filtration, reverse osmosis, and six stages of Ozonation.
  • It comes with a 24 x7 provision.
  • Water ATM Machine takes care of water quality accountability and control.
  • It involves cashless dispensing and pay-per-use methodology.
  • There is price transparency and flexible purchasing approach available.
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