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Water Vending Kiosks

Usage/Application Bus Depots, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Etc
Color Blue
Material SS
Display Type LCD
Brand RNC

We, at RNC, believe that the best cleanliness comes with smart technology. And, the water vending machine is one of the smartest technologies which is the greatest example of that. It is an automated water purification system which comes with pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, disinfection and a hybrid dispensation system enabling both coin-operated and manual dispensing.

This machine is so effective that it can provide you with a 24 x7 safe water access if you are someone who have to otherwise walk/cover far locations for fetching safe and pure water. The superb ability of this extraordinary machine to purify and dispense water has made it an ideal solution for people.

With this machine as one of the most integral parts, RNC is rising with each passing day. And we are keen to deliver even more outstanding services to our clients in the long run.

Other Specifications

Features Water Vending Kiosk

RNC offers the best of its kind water vending kiosk which has multiple advantageous features. Some of the major ones which you should keep in mind are mentioned below:

Model Design:

The water vending machine which we use at RNC comes with a cabinet model which comprises of several fantastic features such as being safe and healthy.

Advanced Purification:

This extraordinary water vending machine comes with smart and advanced technology for easy use of our clients. It has Pre-filtration +RO +UV to dispense water.

RO+ UV Sterilization:

The Water Venting Machine that we have in our plant offers 24 x7 RO+UV sterilization feature. This is one of the remarkable aspects which is extraordinary in this water venting system.

Light Weight:

This is one of the best features of the venting system which has a lot of significance. It is so lightweight that there is generally no hassle to move it for those who use the same.

Time-based and Volume Based Machines:

The water vending machine options which are available with us are both time-based and volume based ones. So, you can use them as per your convenience and requirement.

High-end Battery Backup:

This water vending machine comes with a fantastic battery backup facility. If somehow there is any power-cut, our vending machine kiosk can still work due to its amazing battery backup.

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